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Ridgecrest, CA

a.k.a. middle of no-where

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Framed by four mountain ranges and positioned against the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, Ridgecrest is a community is a small town in Indian Wells Valley that grew up around the China Lake Naval base. As a result, it has highly educated populace and technological business community. The amenities are few and far between--there is only one McDonald's (excluding the one on base), one movie theater (8 screens), and one Wal-mart (there are many other stores we only have one of, but they are too numerous to mention here). We lack a decent shopping mall, book store, and only have two obstetricians (baby doctors), but we make up for it with well-stocked thrift stores, and one of the best French resturants in Southern California (Mon Reve).

For more information beyond the Official City Site, visit http://www.395.com/index.shtml?/ridgecrest/

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