Best places to see in California


Planning your visit to sunny California? Looking for some fun nearby?
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You will get a wide range of the best attractions in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and other remarkable places.

Find the best adventure!

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Chocolate Lab Puppy

The people who live across the street from me lost their 13 year old chocolate lab to stomach cancer. They are now looking for a chocolate lab puppy. If anyone knows where they could buy one please let me know. Thank you.
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New :)

I see this board is anything but.. active.. However, I thought I'd post to it anyway.

Hi! My husband and I just moved to this lovely city... is there an active tennis league or swimming club? How about a rock climbing group? We saw some rock wiwayth serious potential...

Anyway, we're a bit out of our element, having just moved 1500 miles.. so we though we'd ask around!

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Hi there,

I don't live in Ridgecrest. However, I'm about to graduate from college with a BA in English-Creative Writing, and I'm thinking about moving someplace in the Sierra Nevada. Thing is, I don't know a lot about the communities in the Sierra, so I'm writing to different places to see if other people may have a better idea. (However, there seems to be a lack of communities listing the Sierra as an interest! I've searched "sierra", "sierra nevada", and "high sierra" so far.) I'm looking for someplace progressive, and am wondering about any multicultural enclaves that may exist. I'm pantheist...really one of the reasons I'm thinking about moving to the Sierra honestly is because I went there (Yosemite and later Mariposa, though we never went into the city) when I was a little child and have strong, good memories of the place. Spiritually, I feel I may be more at peace there. However, I am not sure of the job opportunities...background and questionsCollapse )

Hey People of Ridgecrest


I'm Sara. How are you all doing?

I live in Ridgecrest. I was raised in Ridgecrest. After I got out of BHS I went to Santa Barbara City College. After 3 years there I am now at Humboldt State University.

See you all around town.
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